How do I register for an exam?

Find out whether the exam is written or oral. This should be stated in the module description (this is not final), on the courses website or by the lecturer. If you are not sure, do not hesitate to ask!

Written exam:

  • Find out the global registration deadline ("Ausschlussfrist") posted on the Examination Office Home Page (usually 2 weeks before the lectures end and exams start, early June & early January).
  • Find the scheduled exam date on the current examinations plan ("Prüfungsplan"), to be found on the same website or posted outside examinations office.
  • Login to the HISQIS portal and register for the specific exam (before the deadline).
    If the exam you are looking for does not show up, contact the examinations office!
  • Check HISQIS regularly for changes in exam date or room.
  • Bring your student ID card and personal ID card with a picture to the exam.

You can withdraw your registration for an exam until one week before the exam without any penalty!

Oral exam / Report ("Hausarbeit") / Presentation ("Referat") / Scientific Project:

  • Pay attention to the announcements in the lecture, some professors prefer to provide scheduled exam slots on specific dates, some prefer individually agreed exams.
  • If there are predetermined examination slots, come to the designated office to sign up for the exam. Bring along your student ID.
  • If there are no predefined time slots and no other instructions provided, contact the examiner and ask for an exam date. You need to register an exam at least two weeks beforehand, so make sure you ask in time! Fill out and sign the registration form, then hand it in for the examiner to sign. Ask who will pass it on to the examinations office.
  • Bring your student ID card and personal ID card with a picture to the exam.

You can withdraw your registration for an exam until one week before the exam without any penalty!
To withdraw your registration it is best to visit the examinations office in person! Then you can be sure to be on time.

What are the type of exams?

The examination types are listed below:

  • Written Examination
  • Oral Examination
  • Academic Project
  • Term/ Academic Paper
  • Oral Presentation

You can find the detail information here.

What happens if I am sick on the date of the exam?

Before every exam you will be asked if you feel fit to take it. If that is not the case, you will need to go to a medical doctor as soon as possible (!) and get a sickness certificate and the following "Attest" form filled out. Hand these documents in at the examinations office at most 72h after the exam, to avoid penalties. Dropping it in the examination office letter box is sufficient!

If you fail to do so, the exam will be counted as failed!

What happens if I fail an exam?

Once you have taken an exam and failed, you must repeat it, until you pass it or ultimatelly fail.
If you fail an exam three times, you will have failed your study and be exmatriculated!

You are allowed to repeat a failed exam at least once. You are allowed to repeat a limited amount of exams twice. (depending on your examinations regulations)
You may only repeat exams which you have failed! You may not repeat an exam to get a better grade, once you have passed it.

The repeat exam usually has the form of the original exam. Second Repeat Exams (2. WP / 2. Wiederholungsprüfung) must be oral.

When do I take the repeat exam?
Regulations if you started your studies BEFORE WS 2015/2016
! ! ! IMPORTANT ! ! !  In case of a written exam, you will be registered automatically for the next scheduled exam date, usually one or two semesters later.
For oral exams, the examination office may register you automatically as well if you did not agree with your examiner on a repeat exam at the next possible date (not earlier than 6 weeks after the failed exam, but usually in the next semester).
You must take that exam! If you fail to do so and do not attend the exam, you will fail a second time.
The grade in a second repeat exam can only be 4.0 or "fail".
Regulations if you started your studies SINCE WS 2015/2016
! ! ! IMPORTANT ! ! !  You yourself are responsible to register for the repeat exam (written, oral) within 15 months after the failed exam. Repeat exams not taken within 15 months after the failed exam will be counted as failed again.
Do not count on last-minute-arranged exams (i.e. in the 15th month of this period)! It is your responsibility to inform yourself as soon as possible about potential dates for the repeat exam and to make sure that you are able to take the exam within the 15 months.

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