Initial Steps

My admission letter states something like this: “The period of enrollment is September X - October Y / March X April Y”
When should I actually arrive in Magdeburg to start my studies?

Short answer:
You should be here at least one week before the classes start!

Long answer:
Be aware that courses in Magdeburg always start on Monday of the second week of October for the winter term and Monday of the first week of April for the summer term. The current starting dates are:

  • October 9th 2017 for the winter term 2017/18
  • April 3rd 2018 for the summer term 2018

The enrolment period goes way beyond that course starting date; sometimes enrollment is possible until two weeks after courses start. If you arrive here after the start date of the courses, you run the risk of missing essential information, of not enrolling in the classes you want or of not being able to follow the classes. More details below.

To begin with, in the week before the courses start, we have welcome days for our new students, and it is essential for you to attend them. You will learn

  • Who are the mentors for your degree
  • Where you can find everything on campus
  • How the degrees are organized,
  • How we expect our students to organize their studies,
  • Whom to ask for advice and whom not to; (e.g. you should always ask the student mentors, not every senior students has the complete and up to date information for the degree, nor the full overview outside his or her area of interest.)
  • everything else you need here.

Besides getting information, there is a ton of stuff you need to get done, before you can actually start to study: housing, insurance, bank account, enrollment, study plan, (check First Steps for details) Other organizations (IKUS) have further events, helping you to get these done.
You will need some time to get all of this settled, without having to worry about missing out on classes.

If you are not here at the beginning of October/April, you will NOT be rejected from the degree. BUT you will start with a disadvantage. You will miss a lot of information about your studies.

Furthermore, you may not be able to attend the courses you want to choose or the ones we suggest you to start with, and we will not be able to help you. For some courses, there is a limited number of students who can enroll. The students enroll first-come-first-served. Even for courses without limitations, joining a course after it started might be difficult: the teachers start teaching, distribute assignments and expect work to be done by the students. Whoever comes late must see how to manage, if admitted at all to the class.

We want to prevent that new students run into such difficulties, this is why we ask you to be there one week prior to the courses starting.

 How to find Short-Term accommodation for first few days?

If you need accommodation for the first few days, booking a room in a youth hostel or a pension is possible. If you know people in Magdeburg already, asking someone for a short-time stay might be an option too.
Other Possibilities are (in no particular order):

How to find accommodation? 

The following websites can help you to find accommodation.

What type of accommodation options are available around campus?  

Many options are available ranging from 1/2 room furnished/unfurnished non sharing apartments. Also shared accommodation in 1/2/3/4 room apartments.

Is accommodation contract really required for city registration?

Yes, but in some cases you may get an exception from city registration office and they will issue a temporary registration .
And you receive 170 Euros as a welcome fund.

How many people can give out same address for city registration?

Any number of people based on the housing contract.

How/Where to do city-registration (Bürgerbüro)?

  • registration information in english:

more information here:

How to get health insurance? 
Some Insurance companies have their counters in campus service center during registration period. You can also collect contact details of various insurance companies from reception of campus service center.
Which health insurance is good as student (types)?

How to activate Deutsche bank account and apply for ATM card? 

You need to visit Deutsche bank office at City Carre with city registration and other relevant documents for activation.

General Procedure:

  • Take appointment for account opening (happens when semester starts)
  • Visit bank according to the appointment(Be on time) with all your required documents.
  • Will take around 7-10 days to get your online banking pins and debit cards so plan accordingly.

What are the steps for extending the visa?

  • Booking an appointment at the "Ausländerbehörde"
  • Documents to have ready:
    • Anmeldung                                                                                                                                 
    • Passport                                                                                                 
    • Immatrikulationbescheinigung                                                                                             
    • House contract                                                                                          
    • Health Insurance                                                                                                                     
    • Biometric Photograph ( they might ask)

more information here:

What are the options for a visa?
  • Visa-stamped-on-passport (~60 euros, needs biometric photo)
  • Visa as ID Card (optional, +80 euros additional, needs biometric photo)

more information here:

When to take Visa-extension appointment?

At least a month in advance before expiration date.

more information here:

Where to inform when you change your accommodation address during your study period?                                                                                                               

  • Students need to inform the Bürgerbüro within 1 week of changing their accommodation. Otherwise, a student may have to pay penalty.                                   
  • They need to inform respective Insurance agency, Bank and library with a proper accommodation contract.

more information here:

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