What is re-registration and how does it work?

Re-registration (Rückmeldung) is the process of telling the University officially that you will still be a student here in the next semester. This does not happen automatically!!
Essentially it is a short version of an enrollment process. On the University homepage you can find more detailed information and the current time period for re-registration, usually the last three weeks of the lecture period.
The process of re-registration includes the following steps:

  1. Creation of the SEPA Direct Debit mandate
  2. Submission of the mandate
  3. Authentication and Activation
  4. Approving the payment for the coming semester using a TAN
  5. Re-registration in the required time period

Steps 1-3 need only be done once, if you keep the bank account during your studies. Steps 4-5 must be done every semester. More detailed information on how to create a SEPA mandate can be found in the following document: AushangSEPA_eng.pdf. More questions on how to pay for re-registration are answered in the FAQ.

If you have questions or problems with the re-registration contact the Campus Service Center.

What is a TAN list, and where do I get it?

The TAN list is a list of transaction numbers to make your interaction with your personal student data in HIS LSF more secure.

You should get your first TAN list with your immatriculation information per mail. If that is not the case, please contact the Campus Service Center.Please do not use the complete list, since you will need at least two TANs to get a new list online.
Instructions on how to get a new list can be found on the CSC homepage.

What are the best practices to learn German?

Mobile apps serve as great tools to learn German. Some of them are Duolingo and Memrise. These apps are available on both iOS and Android.

What are the responsibilities of the examination office? (translation from examinations office homepage)

The tasks of the examination office include:

  • checking admission prerequisites for exams; scheduling exams and coordinating with examiner and student
  • registering accomplished achievements (exam grades, certificates)
  • issuing confirmations and certificates of (almost) every kind
  • providing advice for students in most matters of their study. Where they are at a loss, they will refer you to the right person.
  • and of course s cup of mint tea when the exam nerves, test anxiety or other emotional distress hit.

The tasks of the examinations office do not include for example:

  • giving exams, there is more qualified personnel available for that task;
  • taking exams for the students, that is in the responsibility of said persons.

! ! ! Important ! ! ! E-mails from the examination office will be sent exclusively to your official student email adress @st.ovgu.de. Be sure to check that account regularly!

What is SEPA-Mandate form?

The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) is a payment-integration initiative of the European Union for simplification of bank transfers denominated in euro. SEPA will enable customers to make cashless euro payments to anyone located anywhere in the area, using a single bank account and a single set of payment instruments

What is Steueridentifikationsnummer?why it's important to keep this?

Steueridentifikationsnummer/ Personalidentifikationsnummer is your tax number which every student receives via a letter. Students need to present this document or the number whenever they are applying for a job/part-time job.

I just got a bill from a radio station that I never use. Do I need to pay?

In short Yes! Even if you are not using the service. It is better to pay monthly so that you won't end up paying a huge amount one time.

You need to register your accommodation and your room mates by registering online at Rundfunkbeitrag (broadcast contribution). It is usually charged 18 per Wohnung (apartment) per month.                      - So make sure you register yourself and your roommates on the same contract so you end up paying 18/no.of people staying in one Wohnung.

Further details can be found here http://www.rundfunkbeitrag.de/

What is FIN?

FIN is an acronym and stands for "Fakultät für INformatik" - Faculty of Computer Science. So basically its the nickname and old official name of the faculty, and since it is way easier to pronounce than INF, still very common.

What type of different research groups are in FIN department?

  • Institut für Intelligente Kooperierende Systeme
    • Computational Intelligence
    • Embedded Smart systems
    • Intelligent systems
    • Software Engineering
    • Theoritische Informatik


  • Institute for Simulation and Graphics
    • Algorithmische Geometrie (Prof. Stefan Schirra) 
    • Bildverarbeitung / Bildverstehen (Prof. Klaus-Dietz Tönnies)
    • Computerassistierte Chirurgie (Jun.-Prof. Christian Hansen) 
    • Simulation (Prof. Graham Horton)
    • Visualisierung (Prof. Bernhard Preim)
    • Visual Computing (Prof. Holger Theisel)

Where can I get my examination transcript for job applications or internships?

  •  Go to the examination office during office hours
  • Alternatively, you can also approach the Campus Service Centre if the examination office is closed

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