Student Job

What type of jobs are available for students within city?

  • HiWi
  • Part-time jobs

What are the Prerequisites for student’s job?

  • Tax number
  • Sozialversicherungsausweis

 Students need to approach their respective insurance agency (AOK, tk or DAK) and ask for SV Ausweis.

  • (Krankenverscicherung) Mitgliedbeschenigung

How can I find a HiWi Job?

There are several ways of finding a HiWi job to earn some money, or even learn something useful:

  • The students council (farafin) has a mailing list you can subscribe to, and also posts open positions (not just HiWi) on the faculty website .
  • There are offers on the white-boards in the hallways, so go through the building with open eyes.
  • You can always ask a professor or assistant, if there are HiWi positions currently available.

How to find Hiwi at campus?

E-mail a professor asking for a HiWi in your subject of interest with a brief report of your past experiences and skills involved which motivated you.

How to find an internship?

Finding an internship depends solely on students caliber. Internship is not mandatory for Masters students. Unless, your course has specific requirements.




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